DJ Course

djcourse3Deposit (payable in advance) €100.00

Balance (on 1st day of course) €220.00 Total € 320.00 For more information about our DJ Course from Star DJ’s and The DJ School, or to receive a brochure by post simply email us.

djcourse4The syllabus for The DJ School has been developed and designed to give participants an over-view of the main areas within the DJ field, as well as a firm, hands-on training in the Industry.

The DJ Training Programme is an intensive course which runs over three Saturday sessions between 11.30am – 6.00pm on the first two Saturdays and 11.30am – 3.00pm on the last Saturday. The modules of the course comprise ‘hands-on’ “mixing and music classes” which take place in a city centre location.

The course syllabus is made up of three distinct sections covering the main areas in DJ skills.

djcourse2Week 1

Introduction To Basics: Setting-Up Equipment; Terminology; Wiring & Leads; Fuses; Equipment Types; Balancing Audio Levels; Trouble-Shooting
Music Programming – Section 1: Technical Skills

Week 2

Introduction To DJ Software
Music Programming – Section 2: Intensive Music Knowledge; Programming The Night’s Music; Music Genres; Trigger Songs; Songs Never To Play; Reading The Dancing Floor / Pub
Music Mixing – Phase 1: Basic Hands-On Mixing Skills Including Chop-Mixing, Fading and Beat-Mixing. Experience on Both CD & Laptop Voice & Microphone Training

Week 3

Music Mixing Phase 2: Hands-On Mixing Skills Including Chop-Mixing, Fading & Beat-Mixing. (Additional skills and practice sessions) ” Business Skills Overview: Business Cards, Basic Accounts & Tax, Curriculum Vitae, Insurance, Dealing with Contacts, Punctuality, Legal Music & Royalties, Dealing with Problem Clients, Attracting Work, Dress Code, Advertising & Marketing Yourself
Crowd Control: Reading the Dance Floor & Customers’ Body Language
Questions & Answers
Revision of Course Material Covered

djcourseOver the last five years, the entertainment industry in Ireland has grown extensively. These days, people spend more money on leisure and entertainment than ever before. This in turn has led to the growth of the Irish DJ industry, with the formation of many large DJ/entertainment companies to service this new demand. These companies, and similar agents and promoters, provide extensive employment for Disc Jockeys, sometimes offering six to seven nights of work per week. Not only night-clubs and hotels use DJ’s these days – bars, restaurants and theme bars also provide employment. This increased demand has led to the need for better, slicker and more professional staff to be trained.

The DJ School was established in 1999, offering comprehensive training in the art of Disc Jockey Skills, with particular emphasis on club DJing. The DJ School is run in conjunction with Star DJ’s.