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Expert Bar and Club DJs with music consulting service to 50 of Ireland's top venues. Let us increase your revenue through expert music programming. We also provide Music Bingo, Smart phone Quiz, Karaoke, Live music and other entertainment solutions to venues.

Getting everyone on the floor, that’s what we do.

We are good in what we do, because we listen to our customers
who tell us what they want.

Bars and Clubs Services


  • Proven track record since 1995.
  • Fully insured for public liability and employers insurance in case of accident? Most venues insist on this. Most DJs don’t have this.
  • DJ on standby every Friday and Saturday with back-up equipment ready to go to you if problems e.g. DJ gets sick on night of event.
  • The largest DJ Company in Ireland covering 4000 events a year.
  • 100,000 DJ events under our belt – we have the experience!
  • 24-hour back-up service. You will ALWAYS get hold of us. We are open 24/7
  • The best selection of fully professional DJs available exclusively through Star DJs. Fully trained and qualified. We are not an agency with 100’s of DJs. All our DJ work for our company only.
  • Over 100 satisfied venues use Star DJs for the quality of our service.
  • The best value for money on our packages.
  • Only professional brand equipment used.
  • One of the largest Music databases in Ireland = more song choice.
  • Star DJs can supply specialist DJs (dance, RnB, 80s radio personalities).
  • Regular spot checks by Star DJs supervisors on our DJs in venues.
  • A choice of over 60 DJs and Party-night packages.
  • We take all the hassle away from you.

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lkmlogoIndividually Tailored Music System For Your Venue

Star DJs are now exclusive sales agents for Ireland’s leading music systems LKM to help our clients have tailored music to suit the venue’s profile throughout all opening hours with a bespoke service. This product links in perfectly with the service already offered by Star DJs through music consultation and the provision of DJs and live acts to the industry

Venue Profiling

Once a potential customer enters your business space, capturing their attention is crucial to securing a longer stay in your venue.

  • Three quarters of clients 73% will notice the music playing in house
  • 40% of shoppers will spend longer if they feel comfortable with the music
  • Overall, a quarter of customers 23% say they would be less likely to return to a venue if they don’t like the music. LKM and Star will partner with you in building a music profile, be it for a single venue or a chain. Our aim is to identify your clientèle, understand your brand values and work with your space to match your brand and sound.

LKM and Star will partner with you in building a music profile, be it for a single venue or a chain. Our aim is to identify your clientele, understand your brand values and work with your space to match your brand and sound.

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secretdjFor your business

Secret DJ is the perfect way for venues to build loyalty with their customers – through music. However, customers can only choose music from your authorised designed bespoke library.

What’s that tune?

In venues that are part of our Secret DJ network you’ll always discover the best in music
Thousands of great songs, old and new, available to download from iTunes or save to Spotify.

Location Savvy

Secret DJ lets you know where’s happening and what’s on nearby.
Check-in at all the best places and let your friends know where to meet, so you never miss a great night out.

Always social

A fun & free jukebox, Secret DJ rewards the venue’s loyal customers with extra songs.

phonequizsite-logo-sm4Private SpeedQuizzing events are great fun and can be held anywhere.. such as a hotel, conference hall, party venue, social club or restaurant.

The quiz with NO CHEATING!

  • Customers download an app to their smartphones and connect to a
    dedicated “quiz” wifi network set up by the host quizmaster
  • Quizmaster asks a number of different types of questions from
    Sport, Movies, Trivia, General Knowledge etc.
  • Each team answers the questions on their device within a set time
    limit of 10 seconds
  • Teams are not able to cheat as their is a time limit and will not be
    able to search for the answer before time is up
  • Venue can add advertisements to be displayed on customers
    devices between rounds
  • Host Quizmaster can automatically tally scores and give out in
    between rounds


It’s fun and easy, with over a thousand songs to choose from

Why karaoke? Are you kidding? Karaoke is the best way for one or more people to enjoy themselves throughout the day or night. Whether it is for any celebrations like a birthday, anniversary, company outing or for the fun of it, adding Karaoke to your event can add another dimension of fun to your party. When it comes to karaoke there are not much better than a Star DJ karaoke night.

scenteventDiscover what the power of scent can do for your event

The use of scent is proven to increase sales,, build brand loyalty and improve customer experience. Scented events are more dynamic and enjoyable than unscented ones because ambient scenting improves guest experience, ambiance and improves memory recall of your special event.


We have over 30 aromas from Candyfloss to Mango Delight

Scents and aromas can create lasting memories, and affect our behaviour and emotions in unlimited ways. Ever go into a shop or Hotel and smell their scent? It may last in your memory for a long time.

When creating an event, promotion or entertaining experience, scent is one of the most powerful, but often the most overlooked, senses to be considered.

Now, you can easily and cost effectively add a simple yet extremely effective element to your event, whether it’s a Wedding, a Club night or a full time club or venue.

Create a unique scent experience that will be sure to make a lasting impression on your guests/customers!

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