It’s fun and easy, with over a thousand songs to choose from


Why karaoke? Are you kidding? Karaoke is the best way for one or more people to enjoy themselves throughout the day or night. Whether it is for any celebrations like a birthday, anniversary, company outing or for the fun of it, adding Karaoke to your event can add another dimension of fun to your party. When it comes to karaoke there are not much better than a Star DJ karaoke night.

Scent An Event

Discover what the power of scent can do for your event

Discover what the power of scent can do for your event The use of scent is proven to increase sales, build brand loyalty and improve customer experience. Scented events are more dynamic and enjoyable than unscented ones because ambient scenting improves guest experience, ambiance and improves memory recall of your special event.


We have over 30 aromas from Candyfloss to Mango Delight

Scents and aromas can create lasting memories, and affect our behaviour and emotions in unlimited ways. Ever go into a shop or Hotel and smell their scent? It may last in your memory for a long time. When creating an event, promotion or entertaining experience, scent is one of the most powerful, but often the most overlooked, senses to be considered. Now, you can easily and cost effectively add a simple yet extremely effective element to your event, whether it’s a Wedding, a Club night or a full time club or venue. Create a unique scent experience that will be sure to make a lasting impression on your guests/customers!